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Chad is an outstanding advocate and consummate professional. Chad clearly puts his clients’ needs first and is always available to provide guidance when needed. His practice is his passion. -Aimee Perilloux Fagan

Chad is knowledgeable and courteous. I’ve sought his advice on many occasions and am always impressed with his legal analysis. -Benjamin Palatiere

I’ve worked with Chad many times over the years. He is a great lawyer, person, friend, and resource. He has my highest recommendation and is a tremendous resource for anyone with appellate needs. -W. Ashton Randall III

Chad is the attorney I hire when our firm has complex appellate and legal issues that need to be researched and responded to in written form. He always does a fantastic job in an efficient and professional manner. I highly recommend him. -Murray Bristol

Chad recently assisted on an appeal with some well-hidden landmines for the general practitioner. He was hired late in the game, but his quick response made it seem like he had been in the case the whole time. -Lee Barrett

Chad is probably the most talented attorney I have worked with so far. He is very smart and tenacious. He is a wealth of knowledge on both procedural and substantive issues. I find him easy to communicate with and truly enjoy conferring with him. -William Hennessey

Chad is very bright, conscientious, and has years of hands-on experience as an appellate lawyer, beginning with his judicial clerkship. He writes well, thinks clearly, knows the law, and is focused on results. I can recommend him without reservation. -Christopher Roach

Chad is one of the hardest working individuals I know – exactly what one wants in an attorney. I highly recommend him, as he has an exceptional dedication to his clients. -Mark Whitworth

Aside from being a friend first, I have had Chad (successfully) handle an appeal for me on a case. That along with all of the free advice he gives me on appeals I try and handle myself makes him a good person to know. His dedication to his clients and his cases is beyond reproach, and I’m glad to know him personally and professionally. -Jeffrey Yates

Chad is the type of forward-thinking, detail-oriented appellate counsel that every litigator needs. -James Pranske

In addition to having a thorough understanding of appellate procedure, Chad understands the appellate process and how the courts operate. Chad takes great pride in his work and in his professional reputation for appellate and trial support services and will put in whatever time and effort is necessary to position a case for the best chance of success possible. I have both worked with Chad and hired him to handle an appeal. Clients should feel confident knowing that Chad is focusing his talents and energies on their case. -Neal Nagely

Chad is the man to hire when you have an appellate issue! -Rick Lambert

I highly recommend Chad Ruback, he is an exceptional appellate attorney. Chad is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, professional, straight-forward and kind. He explained the appeal process very well and always made himself available for questions. I am very grateful for the great job he did representing me. I truly believe I couldn’t have been in better hands. Needless to say, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CHAD RUBACK, Thank you for winning my appeal, you’re awesome! -Catherine

Chad and I were on opposite sides of the table for a motion for new trial. Chad did an excellent job and has a superb courtroom delivery. -Niles Illich

Chad is an excellent appellate attorney. Not only is he knowledgeable about the appellate process, but he is tremendous to work with. He is a consummate professional and I would refer any of my clients to him if they need an appeal. -Jeffrey Johnson

Creative, dedicated and intelligent. Chad is an excellent appellate attorney. -Brian Andrade

I have known Chad for around 15 years, and in that time he has always impressed me with his work product and ethic, and his team spirit. He is a highly qualified appellate attorney in the Dallas community. -Kyle Kneese

I have found Chad to be thorough and insightful in his representation. He is honest and approachable which encourages discourse with his clients and creates a line of communication that helps insure a positive outcome for his clients. -Nathan Anderson

I have known Chad for a number of years and have worked with him on numerous occasions. When it comes to appellate law and the issues related to appealing any type of case, he has demonstrated the ability to quickly analyze the pertinent case facts and issues, but also the procedural and technical experience and knowledge necessary to efficiently work through the appellate court system to achieve the best result possible for clients. -Hutton Sentell

I have had the pleasure of consulting with Chad on a few cases of mine that were appealed. Chad obviously possesses a superlative grasp of appellate law, and his familiarity with the appeals process lends peace of mind to any litigant who has to either defend or appeal a judgment. I recommend him without hesitation. -Anthrea Nikolopoulos

I have known Chad for many years and he handled an appeal matter for a family member. Chad is always professional and his knowledge of the appellate process is exceptional. I would recommend Chad to anyone who has an appellate need. -Gary Ashmore

I had the pleasure to work with Chad on an appellate issue a few years ago and was extremely impressed with his intellect and strategic vision. From that point forward, Chad is the only attorney to whom I refer appellate clients. -Zachary Copp

Chad is a genius appellate lawyer — any time I need help with a civil appeal question, he’s the man I call! -Michelle O’Neil

Chad assisted me in a recent commercial matter, providing valuable insight into the potential appellate pitfalls my client may have faced. His knowledge and advice helped us figure out the best course of action at the trial level so we could recognize what may happen given the possible outcomes. His skill and knowledge of appellate issues are incredible, and I look forward to working with him again. -Robert Bogdanowicz

Chad handled a very complex and unusual workers’ compensation appeal for a client of mine who had prevailed at the trial court. I was amazed at Chad’s ability to immediately understand the nuances of the case and develop strategies for defending against the appeal. He was able to anticipate the insurance carrier’s attacks and was well prepared to effectively respond and defend our judgment. I would recommend Chad to anyone who is dealing with an appellate issue. -Matthew Lewis

Chad went above and beyond in so many ways in regards to a case he was working on for a family member, I will be forever grateful. Chad was EXTREMELY informative and stayed in constant contact throughout the entire process. I HIGHLY recommend Chad Ruback. Thanks Chad for ALL you did and continue to do! -Blake Rolls

Highly recommend Chad Ruback. I recently consulted with Chad on some complex appellate issues. Chad was knowledgeable, professional and his sound practical advice was invaluable. -Laura Calhoun

Chad has served as an appellate attorney for me on a very important case. I can say from first hand experience that he is an excellent lawyer and the “go to” guy for appellate matters in the Dallas area. -Kristopher Barber

I have known Chad for several years now during which time I have regularly interacted with him. I find him extremely forthcoming and generous with his time and the information he provides is always accurate and timely. Having been a pro se litigant in appellate court and currently a law student, I do know enough about appellate law to see that Chad is an outstanding appellate lawyer. He is interviewed regularly by the news media on various legal matters and I have learnt a lot by reading his opinions on several topics. -Venky Venkatraman

Chad is the ultimate mentor for students at the SMU Dedman School of Law. Chad was ever-present at our school, providing the advice and encouragement students needed as they began their legal careers, especially in the midst of shaky economic times. Chad shows, by example, what it means to mentor students seeking advice. -Mukul Kelkar

Chad is tops as an appellate lawyer. He is well respected by the justices and he is routinely asked to speak to lawyers on appellate issues. Importantly, Chad has the demeanor to be a counselor not just an attorney. -Niles Illich

Mr. Ruback is an excellent appellate attorney.  He took the time to learn every aspect of our case and spent the time needed to be completely prepared.  His legal knowledge is very thorough and accurate. He is extremely easy to communicate with and answers every question asked with patience. I would highly recommend him. He sets the bar very high for other attorneys. -Tami Donald

I can honestly say hands down, Chad has great integrity, sensitivity in consideration of what you are going through, patience and professionalism. I’d hire Chad again and offer my highest recommendation.  Chad is very knowledgeable, highly organized and kept me on track regarding important deadlines.  Chad doesn’t just talk the talk; he walks the walk, he is trustworthy, straight forward and I cannot say enough about my personal experience with him. -Angela Stevens

Chad is extremely knowledgeable and a go-to source for any questions that arise regarding appellate procedure. -Greggory Gallian

Genuinely outstanding appellate lawyer! -Frank Gannon

I have known Chad for years. He is highly regarded by his colleagues throughout the Dallas Bar. I cannot say enough nice things about Chad. -Ian Ross Phillips

I have known Chad for nearly a decade.  As an attorney, he is THE guy I go to with appellate questions and refer my clients to for their appellate needs. -Asad Rahman

Chad was absolutely perfect in his handling of the appeal of my civil divorce case. We  prevailed nearly across the board in the appeal of my ex-wife’s judgement against me. I highly recommend Chad. –Dave Meyer

Chad is an experienced and knowledgeable appellate lawyer, a good human being, and a pleasure to work with. -Ellen Skinner

Chad has been outstanding since I initially met him in 2007…he is a lawyer’s lawyer while being sensitive and forthright to clients! -Karen Misko

Chad is the “GO TO” appellate lawyer for our firm. One of the best lawyers around! -Andrew Jee

You can’t go wrong in retaining Chad. He’s an expert in all things appellate law. -Haleigh Jones

Excellent attorney. I have known Chad, professionally, since 2005. He is consistently above expectations. -Audrey Moorehead

Chad Ruback is very knowledgeable – he has appeal and will help you win yours!! -Kristina “Krisi” Kastl

He is stunningly intelligent, a procedural expert, a crystal communicator, personally accessible and a joy to be around. -Paul Saputo

Mr. Ruback is a very intelligent and highly competent attorney. He goes out of his way to help others and is a great source of knowledge for his clients as well as for other attorneys. I would highly recommend Mr. Ruback’s services. -Kaye McCollum

I’ve worked with Chad Ruback on a number of matters over the last decade. Chad’s expertise and responsiveness are of the highest order and make him my most trusted contact both for appellate referrals and co-counsel engagements in cases which involve embedded appellate issues in the trial court. I would not hesitate to recommend Chad’s services to fellow trial counsel. Chad also scores high with respect to the remaining criteria: understanding, cost-effectiveness, and civility. -James Greer

Chad Ruback is an excellent appellate attorney. He has handled several appeals for me and he is one of the best family law appellate attorneys in Dallas. He’s well respected among his peers as well as by the judges before whom he appears. -Steven Bruneman

Mr. Chad Ruback’s knowledge is only surpassed by his professionalism. He is honest and up front with his clients which allows him to better manage client expectations. I never hesitate to refer a client to him or have him handle an appeal in connection with any of my cases. -Jeffrey Yates

Chad is very knowledgeable and professional. He works diligently to meet strict deadlines with quality briefing. -Shelli Morrison

Chad is a friendly and knowledgeable appellate attorney. Will refer clients to him in a heartbeat. -Caleb Davis

Chad is every trial lawyer’s best friend. He is the go to for all of your appellate needs. -Preston Jones