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This website contains answers to frequently asked questions about Texas appellate procedure. Although these answers are applicable to many appeals from Texas state courts, these answers only address the general rules and do not address any exceptions to the general rules. Consequently, these answers may not be applicable to your particular case. You should not rely upon any answer to a Texas appellate law FAQ. In fact, you should not rely upon any information on this website. Rather, you should have a Texas appellate lawyer review the background of your particular appeal and provide you with answers specific to your case. Dallas appellate attorney Chad Ruback has provided this general information about Texas appeals for educational purposes only, and nothing herein shall constitute legal advice. Moreover, nothing herein shall establish an attorney-client relationship with Mr. Ruback or his appellate law firm. Mr. Ruback will not be your attorney unless and until he signs a representation agreement expressly agreeing to be your attorney.

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