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When may a litigant file an interlocutory appeal?

An interlocutory order is a trial court order that does not dispose of all parties and all claims in the case. See In re K.E.A., 359 S.W.3d 387, 388 (Tex. App. — Dallas 2012, no pet.). An appeal of an interlocutory order is an interlocutory appeal. See CMH Homes v. Perez, 340 S.W.3d 444, 447 (Tex. 2011). An interlocutory appeal is only possible when expressly allowed by statute. See Bally Total Fitness Corp. v. Jackson, 53 S.W.3d 352, 352 (Tex. 2001). Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code section 51.014(a) lists a number of interlocutory orders which are appealable.

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